Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a week it was.  It all started on Sunday as weeks always do.  Sunday wasn't too bad, if I remember correctly.  At the moment, it's Saturday and I really can't remember what I did last Sunday.
Monday I was scheduled for a 3:15 p.m. dentist appointment to fix two old fillings that were beyond their expected lifespan.  During the day at work, right after lunch, I was walking through the plant and my tongue hit the side of the upper molar and I just about jumped up to the ceiling.  Sometime during my peanut butter and honey sandwich my tooth had cracked in half.
Whoa, did that hurt.
So, the dentist told me he couldn't do anything for that tooth and they set me up with an endodontist appointment for Tuesday morning.
Tuesday rolls around and I receive a call that my appointment is actually in the afternoon.  Oh, the agony goes on.
When I get to the endodontist all the forms get filled out and they call me in.  They take one of those digital x-rays that shows everything and show it on a big screen.  Oh yeah, there's a crack alright.
They can't help me, so,they call the oral surgeon across the street and off I go.
Now, I find someone who can help me.  I've never had a tooth pulled before without being knocked out.  They sure do yank and pull a lot.  
Now, I have a big hole where the molar once was.

Steve's birthday was the following day.  That's where those glasses of water up there come in.  Do you know how hard it is to go to a restaurant the day after a tooth extraction?  Not so easy.

Valentine's day comes next - same thing - a day of yogurt and mushy stuff.

Friday - out for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant.  Oh, the torment.

What to do next?  Implant or bridge, or absolutely nothing?  More to come.
Follow-up appointment a week away.  The other filling will be replaced as well so I don't encounter this fun again.

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