Monday, October 15, 2012

Something happened on my way to work last Tuesday.  I was just getting up to speed on 26 Mile Road, aka Marine City Highway, when my F250 SuperDuty had a run-in with a leaping buck.

This is how the SuperDuty looks today.  There's a lot of work that needs to be done here.  From what I understand, so far, this is what's wrong:

Bumper is gone - that was left on the side of the road, both headlights are busted, radiator got smashed by the fan that smashed the fan housing and the shaft for the fan assembly is bent, the grille is gone, the water pump is shot and was pushed up into the hood causing an outward lump, the hood is bent and there's a whole lot more that I can't even remember.

Me?  I'm ok.  The buck lived temporarily.  He was a big buck but only a 6-pointer.

Now I'm having anxiety issues when it comes to driving to work in the morning in the dark.  It gets my heart racing and I just don't want to go out there.

Most likely, I'll get over all that and be OK with driving again.  I just keep seeing the image of that buck as I hit him broadside.  He was in the middle of a leap because he had just missed being hit by the guy going in the opposite direction that I was going in.

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