Thursday, April 19, 2012

Will we be enjoying this cabin this summer?

We certainly are hoping that we'll be able to come up here on weekends, relax, knit, go for walks, knit, watch the wildlife, knit, photograph wildlife and nature, and knit.

Oh yes, and Steve could go hunting in the fall without having to go sit in a tree at our UP cabin.  If our offer is accepted we'll become land barons here in Michigan.  We'll be spread from down here in SE MI to Atlanta, to Luce County.  We would have a total of 92 acres + 4 lots in Atlanta.  

This weekend we're going to go look at it once again hoping that the offer we submitted yesterday will be accepted.  It's "vintage" but updated and has a cozy feel plus all the windows to watch outside. 

Since we want it I'm not going to share any more details since, like my yarn obsession, more competition might make me irritable. 

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