Sunday, March 04, 2012

This rose plant was given to me for Valentine's Day by my husband Steve.  My challenge now is to keep it alive.  There's something about this house that isn't friendly to indoor plants.  I don't know if it's the lighting or the well water, but, just about everything I've tried to go inside has turned brown.
This will be my new challenge.  


Yes, there has been knitting going on around here.  For some reason I haven't been able to get anything finished.  I do have another ensemble for the American Girl-sized dolls that I need to take photos of and post in my Etsy shop.  I need to finish the skirt first.  I will be sure to share that with you here when the listing is up.

I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on and actually design something.  Back in my more creative days that wasn't a problem.  I would just pick up the yarn, choose the needles and start knitting.  I'd measure as I go and when it was all done, it fit whoever it was meant for.  So, why are these doll clothes causing me trouble?  I want to design knit leggings.  It's not hard.  The doll isn't that large but she does have an odd shape.  As soon as I finish the hooded cardigan that is on the needles right now I will find myself some yarn and get started.  If I was real smart about it, I'd even take notes so I know what to do next time.  

On-line Forums

Over the years I have joined so many on-line forums that I often forget where I'm at.  If I google myself I will get about 2 pages of locations where I've been.  There are knitting forums, 4 wheel drive, log home, photography, cat, dog, weight loss, and I'm sure I'm missing something - oh yeah, Ford F250.  

Yesterday I had an encounter with another forum member who totally misread what I was sharing and blew up at me.  From what I read later after I stopped responding, she lashed out at the entire group that had left comments on her original post.  It was a "general chit-chat" forum and that's what we were doing.  

The first time that happened to me was back when I volunteered every minute that I was home and awake to knit for charity.  I had suffered an injury at work that was causing severe pain while knitting so I had to back down.  Whoa - I was hit hard electronically and even had to relocate my blog since she had  spammed me on the old one so bad that I couldn't even log in.

My take on the whole thing from yesterday - just knit today.  

I do need to do some work for my paying job but, I might just save that for when I'm at work.  

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