Saturday, November 26, 2011

What time of year is it kids?

Is it the Holiday Season?  That time of year we all look forward to every year but are never ready for it?  
Did you know that Christmas comes the same date every December?  Somehow, we just don't get it.
What are you doing this year?  How are you shopping?  Are you going to support small businesses in your own neighborhood?  How about in your own state?  Even in the U.S. would be a place to start.
Do our kids really need all those electronic gadgets?  If they do, why not have them work for them - you know, like we used to get paid for doing chores around the house so we could buy those frivolous things we didn't need.  We just wanted them.  Was it because our friends had them?  Was it because we saw an ad on TV during cartoons?  
Did our lives really depend on having an Atari?  C'mon now.  Fess up.

I know I am going to buy something from local sellers.  I'm going to start with Etsy.  Start with my own zip code.  Guess what!  There are only two Etsy sellers in my zip code.

Try it:  48064.  Myself and Adana.

I will be shopping on her site.  She makes soap and I'm sure my daughters would love some hand made soap for Christmas.

What else is going on here?  I sold a scarf on Thanksgiving.  I had just realized that it was an expired listing on Wednesday and renewed it.  My last few sales were renewed listings.  

Now, the odd thing is, I've got a football game on TV and I'm home with just the cat & dog.  Neither of them is interested.  What's with that?  Maybe I need to go vacuum.
Vacuum what, you ask?  

Cat & Dog Hair!

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