Sunday, November 06, 2011

Since I keep bragging about all the cameras that I own I should probably share a photo or two every know and then.  Most of the time I just say that another one has arrived without any explanation.  
Over the past couple months we did manage to go out on little one-day adventures.  Each time I took the usual Sony a100 DSLR digital and one of my film cameras.  
This day, we went to the Antique Tractor show in Goodells and the SplitCam came for the ride.
As you can see, it does some wonderful things.  The first time I ran a roll through and took it in for developing I was told that there appeared to be a problem with my camera.  Now, I send little notes along with the film explaining that any wierdness that you may see during developing is supposed to be there.  
When I got the photos back from I thought this one was rather intriguing.  It appears as if "ghost" tractors had been among us.  Creepy, eh?  I love it.

The newest addition to the collection is another Argus C-3 and a pop 9 which has 9 lenses.  Wait, that's only 2.  A Colorsplash now resides here, too.
Stay tuned for more interesting photos.  
Gotta love film!

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