Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old Tractors

They're all over the place here in SE Michigan.  Old farmers, old farms, and old tractors.  This one isn't looking so well, though.  We went to look at some potential new additions to our collection of old things and I saw this looking sad in the back of the dealership property.  

Other news:

I'm still trying to lose the tonnage that I have acquired since the beginning of 2011.  So, in my quest to find something that works I came across an article about Mirafit in one of my MEDC e-mail newsletters.  It's a product that was formulated by two WSU instructors.  Since I'm rather partial to Wayne State University I thought it's worth a try.

How's it working?

So far, I have no idea.  It's only been two days.  I will be patient and will keep you informed if there is any change in the number on my scale.  It only took me 8 months to lose two of the eight pounds.  

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