Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lily season is long gone now and all that I have left standing along the porch are those dead brown canes.  Even the leaves are turning brown.  There's a plan in the works for the gardens surrounding my house.  The perennials are moving over to the edge along the woods and ornamental bushes and grasses are moving in to the flower beds.  
I used to enjoy working in my flower beds but they get a bit ridiculous here with the weeds that we live around.  This clay doesn't give up the weed roots well so they just sprout right back up.
June was the last time I stopped by here.  Since then I've done a couple things.  I started a new job on June 20th at Ford Sterling Axle.  It's different and actually enjoyable.  Getting to know everyone is the first order of business so that I can tell what needs to be done to get them doing what they should be doing.  
This summer hasn't been action packed.  I think just about the only event that I made it to was the Algonac Antique Boat show.  Other than that, I've missed the Tall Ships, the Gratiot Cruise, the Blue Water Cruise, the Woodward Dream Cruise which is today.  I can make it to the Antique Truck show tomorrow.  
The Paradise Blueberry Festival is going on up in the UP this weekend.  Can't get there, either.  Not enough accrued vacation time for that kind of trip just yet.
The photo above was taken with my new Oktomat which, as you can see, has 8 lenses.  The top 4 open first then it pauses for a second to allow movement to another view.  Then they click away.  There's one more multi-lense camera that I don't have - the one with 9 lenses and I can't remember it's name right now.  It will come to me.  
Happy Saturday and I will be back.

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