Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm sure I've mentioned this once or twice before, but, I just cannot stop knitting socks.  Now, I have so many pairs that I'm listing socks for Big People on my Etsy site.  I knitted this pair from Noro sock yarn.  I'm  in love with the color changes and it was amazing to me how the colors actually seem to recirculate halfway through the ball of yarn.  That's why sock #2 was almost identical to #1.

If you're interested, just look over there to the right and down slightly to the Etsy store slide show that I have here on my blog.  That will take you to the socks and the rest of the items in my shop.

Now, I've been up to a couple other things here and there.  One needs to remain secret for a few more days.  Work has been quite an adventure for the past year.  Every few months, or even weeks, I would be reassigned.  I work for a company by the name of KnightFM who contracts housekeeping and supervision services to several industries around the world.  In Michigan we are mainly at General Motors, Chrysler and Ford Field.  I've been at GM at several facilities within the Tech Center and down at Warren Transmission. 

Over the past year I have supervised in the Engineering Building, Manufacturing ABC, S. Campus which includes 7 buildings, Aero Lab and now the VEC and 7000 Building.  This VEC building is way too dull for me.  Why is that?  I'm on 2nd shift.  But, you know what?  I wouldn't want to be the 1st shift supervisor in that building.  It's like an ant farm.  So, as long as I'm responsible for that one, 2nd shift works for me.  I will keep you informed.

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