Thursday, July 21, 2016

Socks For Sale!

Little Socks!

This pair is still available in my Etsy Shop.  
If you don't remember where to find my shop
 just go to Etsy and search for a shop with
 in the title.  
That will get you there!

You can also find me through the slideshow over there on the right.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2016! It arrived while I wasn't paying attention.

This is Millie.  I'm sure I've mentioned her before since she was with us for somewhere around 8 years.  This was the last photo that I have of her before she got real sick and went over The Rainbow Bridge on June 20, 2016.

Over the years she had gone through several personality changes.  When we first adopted her she was 5 years old and very sluggish.  We found out she had a low thyroid, put her on medication and she became a hyper dog.  After some adjustments she was like a normal dog.  A while after that she developed an obsession with water that lasted just over two years or close to two years.  In the end, she was diagnosed with cancer and the x-rays and MRI showed that it had spread to three places.

We had thought we'd wait a while before getting another dog, but, you know when you find one that someone else doesn't want you just have to do your part.

So we did.

Meet Carla aka CarLotta Spots.
In other news.  I have left my job and am now pursuing a more serious push of my Etsy shop.  Don't forget to look over there to the right to see the current listings.  Click away and stop in to visit.  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Just to show that I am still knitting socks, here's the photo of the most recent pair.  Sock knitting has slowed down tremendously and the fingerless and half-finger mitts has taken over.  They're fun to knit but a little more time-consuming due to those fingers.  
Spring is coming so I'm starting to think that there's a garden mess out there waiting for me.  Yesterday I started pulling out dead weeds and leaves to see just how bad it's going to be.  It's going to be a two-day project for sure.
The pond needs raking since there's a carpet of leaves underwater for about 6' from the shore.  Those need to be raked out before they turn into black muck.

Now, back to my knitting and I will try to stop in more often.  I'd share more photos here but, they appear to be still on my cameras.  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Socks

Susan's still knitting socks.  That's for sure.

These are now listed in my Etsy shop and are waiting to find a pair of little feet!

In other news:

Last night, September 12, 2015, was the 40th reunion for the Walled Lake Central Class of 1975.  Yes, we are still able to get around and we're not that old.  There are a whole lot of people out there older than we are.  After all, we're the tail end of the Baby Boomers.

Today I got brave and took the eXmark out for a stroll around the yard.  Usually, we don't get along well and I get caught on a tree or two.

The Lions.

Right now, it's not looking good for the home team.  Sigh......

If you've got a little pair of feet that would love that pair of socks up there - go over there to the right and you'll see the link to my Etsy shop.  There are other items there for little people and dolls as well.

Thanks for stopping by!  I know it's been pretty dull here lately.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Summer of 2015

Everybody!  How long has it been since I've paid any attention to this blog?  Who knows?  

Yes, there has been knitting going on.  Not a lot of successful finishes, though.  Let me see.  
Socks for me.  There was a pair of matching hand warmers but, I gave them away to someone who liked them and didn't have a nice pair of hand knit hand warmers.  Sometimes, you just need to pass things along.  Especially when your things are taking over your life and stress you out.

That brings me to organization.
As you can see, it is a work in progress.  Some yarn gets organized, then the mail man brings more.  I'm moving some up to our cabin to my future craft room up there.  This is how that looks right now.
Not especially inspiring.  My chair even moved out so sitting at my vintage Steelcase desk isn't an option.  I'll get there.  

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Who are those people who have viewed this blog?

 The dashboard tells me that over 24,000 have been here.  Most likely, once they see that I'm rarely here, they just moved along.  

Knitting has been keeping me rather busy.  Not because I'm constantly stocking my Etsy shop with new items.  That hasn't been happening.  That's actually been put on hold since nothing happened on that shop in over a year.  I've sold one pair of socks in the past 14 months.  There have been sales outside Etsy.

Etsy, you will be left behind.  After my current listings expire that's it.  Time can be better spent on other activities.


 This year I'm going to devote more time to my vegetable garden.  Last year was frustrating because there were too many weeds and I couldn't keep up with the blanching and freezing.  Over the winter I took advantage of a sale on food dehydrators.  We'll see how that works out.

March is moving along nicely here in SE Michigan.

  We still have ice and snow around here.  Walking to the back of the property is a cardio workout since the snow is rather heavy, deep, and full of those large crystals.  Millie blends in so well with the snow and brown vegetation that I thought I lost her a couple times.  If it wasn't for the red collar I'd have no idea where she was.

Since I haven't seen this blog in quite some time, I sure hope that the technical difficulties that I was experiencing on my last visit have resolved themselves.  My background was a klaflouey and several widgets had minds all their own.  After attempts to fix that it only became worse and abandonment set it. 

Little socks.  Lots of little socks.

This is one pair that have been knitted for an order I received.  Every time the same customer orders ten pairs of tiny socks I have to feverishly knit them under pressure.  You'd think I'd just knit them and have an ongoing supply.  It's my goal once this order has been shipped.  

Exercise and Diet

What can I say about that?  I've gained instead of lost.  The Zero Belly Diet worked for about two weeks.  My scale showed a four pound loss then it showed a four pound gain and it's been pretty much stuck there ever since.  I've been stuck sitting at my desk more at work over the past two months which hasn't helped.  My elliptical and Total Gym have been seeing more of me and it's so encouraging to see my mileage on the dry erase board on the wall.  At first I was using them every single day which I think is what usually leads me to exercise burn-out.  So, outside walking has been added.  My plan was also to master the art of hoola hooping.  When I went out to look for my hoop it was located behind a stack of odds and ends of big, heavy things and it was broken.  When I mentioned that to Steve he asked me why I would put my hoop behind a fireplace insert and under a hydraulic jack.

Right.......  That was me who did that.  My items usually get stashed here and there when a clean-up happens.  Maybe that's why I go on my own little strikes by just piling yarns here and there.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fowl and Poultry

Oh, I see it's  been a real long time since I've blogged about anything.  Several issues have kept that from happening. Mostly, Blogger wasn't so friendly with me for a while.  Every time I tried logging in I would be told that I wasn't me or that my password was incorrect.  

Once entrance was finally granted on my previous visit here, my template was all cattywompous and I couldn't figure out how anyone would figure out what was going on here.

What are those birds doing in my truck?  The duckies are from the Rubber Duckie race that takes place each Labor Day at Canada Creek Ranch.  The money from the purchase of the duckies goes towards something that I cannot remember at the moment.

The turkey is a solar bird.  He flaps his wings on sunny days.  There haven't been many of those lately.  Yesterday was his first real sunny day so he had to be exhausted by sundown.  A nice lady who I met up at CCR gave him to me.  

I have been knitting.  I never stop knitting except when I can't knit.   Such a literary wonder, here, eh?  

My Etsy shop has been dormant.  My thumbs were sore with swollen joints for a few weeks over the summer.  A sweater or two needed my attention.  Once is complete, the other still in pieces along with a whole lot of other sweater parts laying around here.  After all that knitting the assembly is often rather unenjoyable.

Today I learned that I cannot access my Etsy dashboard to add new items if I am using Google Chrome.  Explorer only.  That's not right, but, we will adjust.

My birthday was Tuesday.  This year was the 57th for me which is welcome considering my dad and his brothers didn't get past 62.  There is still one brother out there somewhere in Michigan.  Uncle Frank seems to have just poofed into thin air.  

Alrighty, now.  I tried so hard to get through a Saturday without making a purchase.  This morning real bright and early - early at least.  There was no brightness.   The first purchase of the day was from  When they offer free shipping they lure me in.  Six pairs of panties and two new bras. 

Purchase number two was from an Etsy seller who hand dyes the most beautiful yarns.  She was having a sale offering a Black Friday discount.  Again, can't pass that up.

Purchase number three was even more yarn.  Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.  Black and hot pink.  Two really big skeins for $36.  Without the discount it would have been $18 more than I paid.

Discounts make it all ok, right?

Not really.


Back to my knitting.  I need to do something with all this yarn and sell some more hand knits so I don't get buried under all this yarn never to be seen again.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Sized for a Two Year Old

This is my latest addition to my Etsy shop just to show that there's more to my knitting repertoire than socks.

In the grand scheme of things, socks are relatively new in my knitting habit.  Years ago in the early 90s there were some sock patterns in Vogue Knitting.  I fell in love with them and made a couple pair in the same yarns as some sweaters that I had knit for myself.  Now, I wonder where they all went.  Most likely there's someone wearing them somewhere since they were donated to the Purple Heart or the Kidney Foundation.  Since I used to knit so much for myself and my daughters there was always something to give away.  

This is the next cardigan sweater that I will be listing in my shop.  This one is sized for a two year old as well.  If the weather cooperates tomorrow will be picture day.  If I try today the sweater will be out in the woods in the wind.  

Keep an eye out.  As fast as I knit these sweaters more yarn arrives on my porch.  Why, just today three cones of silver lace-weight yarn arrived.

How does that happen?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Am I the only one hoping that all this mud means that spring is on it's way?  It's been too cold too long for all of us this year.  I think even the people who make a living with this snow is tired of it.  I'm sure they're ready to move forward to mowing lawns.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Potato Heads
Aren't they just the cutest couple you've ever seen?  So, I jest.  When I logged into my blog here I was only doing it so I could get the URL for my Etsy shop and for my Yahoo signature.  Somehow, my identification seems to have disappeared from the bottom of my Yahoo so that no one knows where to find me, my blog, Etsy shop, or my flickr photos.
Why this photo you say?
Because I like them.  I'm searching for more Potato Friends for the nice couple.  There's a bid in on Darth Tater right now and I'm awaiting word as to whether or not I'm the winning bidder.  This morning I was the ONLY bidder and am hoping it stays that way. 
Lego people are awesome.  Two Clone Troopers are coming my way after I won that bid this morning. 
Maybe I can knit little sweaters and hats for all these toys.  Hmmmm.  An idea.......

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 2014

How's this month going for the rest of you?  It's going down as the coldest and snowiest on record for us here in southeast Michigan.  Being a person who loves to knit and wear sweaters, this is enough already.
Snow is fine if it falls on Saturdays.  This cold?  It can warm up anytime.  Our propane isn't going to hold out at this rate and we've already refilled it once.


Normally, it's against my personal rules to blog about work.  Today I'm going to share a few frustrations that are surfacing due to new management.  
  • I am to arrive at work prior to my start time so that I may assist the previous shift with their issues as they don't have a supervisor.  However, I do not get paid for this time.  
  • Supervision is now to go to every area of responsibility every day and initial that we were there.  No problem, however, this may detract from the time it takes to work on payroll, disciplinary write-ups, etc.  
  • I am the lead supervisor so I am to contact the main office on behalf of the other two shifts.  Again, will I find the time as I am to be in the plant all day.  Maybe I'll make those calls from the plant floor, eh?
  • I am to close out payroll every day and was told that I was not doing so.  Oh, yes I was as I was doing so from home when I'm relaxing in the evenings as the attendance issues do not show up for attention until the day cycles.
There's more but I'm going to go back to my knitting since it relaxes me and it's Sunday afternoon and I just finished correcting payroll from yesterday and today's employees who are working.


I've sold 4 more pair in the last week.  After not selling a single pair over the Holidays I was beginning to think that something went wrong.  There was very little energy spent on my Etsy page during that time and I'm thinking of new items and new products to list.  Maybe the socks need to slow down and another hand knit avenue needs to present itself.  The school color hats didn't work so well, but, that was started way too late in the year.  This summer I will ramp up production with those and promote them with more energy.  I sold two doll sweater sets.  Neither were listed on Etsy.  They were spotted on flickr.  flickr has a policy that you do not promote other sites or items for sale.  They were just spotted as finished items and I sold them.


Will they reschedule the Superbowl?

Friday, December 06, 2013

Oh, what a time we've been having at our house over the past two weeks. 

It all started on a Saturday night in November when my husband Steve went to a friend's 50th birthday party.  Right around 11:00 p.m. he texted to say he was leaving and would be on his way.

See that white F-150 up there?  It didn't want to come home in the normal way.  Lights came on but no starting.

The next morning it arrived here by tow truck.  What am I sitting in when taking this photo?  Well, it's the old trusty 1999 Jeep Wrangler which is what I had to drive since the SuperDuty didn't want to start, either.  At least that was in our driveway right beside the old TJ.

It really wasn't the fault of our trucks other than some of those parts just give up over time.  In the case of the F-150 some wires had lost their coating and had disintegrated over time.  The SuperDuty needed two new batteries - well, at that point.

Flash forward to Thanksgiving morning when we woke up to an air conditioned home.  Not exactly what a household in SE Michigan is in the need of in November.  The furnace was freezing us.  Turns out that was caused by a disintegrating heat exchanger - at least it was under warranty.

We weren't done yet!  SuperDuty gets two new batteries and won't start right after installation.  So funny but not so funny.  Crank sensor module?  What is that?  Not an unusual problem they say.

Whew - the money just keeps flying out of the checking accounts!

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Cold Out There!
 How about some new socks for those little feet?  I've been knitting up a storm working my way through all this sock yarn that I keep buying.  Sometimes I think it's actually some sort of conspiracy.  Every day when I log into my e-mail I find several messages letting me know that there's sock yarn for sale here and there.  Many colors will sell fast so don't delay.  One time offer ending at midnight.  Ploys, all of them. 

I seem to fall for it every time.  Just last week I told myself that I would not buy any more sock yarn until I can see the floor around my computer work area.  Ha.  No way.  More sock yarn came in the mail and, just this morning, I have another e-mail in my inbox telling me that I had won two more balls of Opal.  Am I buying yarn in my sleep?  That's one theory.  I wonder if my husband would go for that one. 

All of the pairs of socks shown above, plus 5 more pair in what I called "crayon colors" have been listed in my Etsy shop over the past few days.  Get them while they're hot.  You want to get them now before I run out of sock yarn! 

I know, who am I trying to fool, eh?

If you don't see a color or a color theme on my site and would like a custom-knit pair of socks just give me a holler.  Most likely, I've got some yarn around here that might be what you're looking for.  I've always wanted to own an yarn shop - now I just "house" yarn.  It comes in and socks go out.  Works for me!

Help me with my addiction and my journey towards quitting my day job. 

Saturday, November 09, 2013

More Socks!
I have been so bad about getting more socks knitted and listed in my Etsy shop.  So, production is in full swing.  There would be four times, maybe five times, as many as what is shown here if I didn't have that day job getting in my way.
There are also some beanies for sale as well.  Team colors.  So, you can wear your hat while watching your favorite team playing.  Coming soon, black and white in case you just happen to need a referee while watching those games.
You can see the new hats by clicking on the Etsy mini over there on the right.
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's that time of year once again.  The fruits and vegetables are all out there waiting for me to stop and buy them. 
Did I say "buy them"?
Normally, I'd have lots of veggies to pick in our garden but Mother Nature wiped us out this year.  Not once, but twice.
So, we decided to shop at the local farm.  This is part of what I picked up last week.  Tonight I'm going to really enjoy that sweet potato.  Maybe not the whole potato since it is gigantic.  I've already worked my way through half of the spaghetti squash and eaten a few of the apples.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Land Ship
1984 Buick LeSabre

Most likely, you're wondering why there's a photo of an old Buick on a blog about knitting socks.  Really, there's an excellent reason.  This is my Buick, the car fondly nicknamed The Land Ship.
It's big with a plush velvet interior.  The exterior is another story altogether.  The poor vehicle sat outside on a farm for a really long time.  The family drove it frequently but not very far with the current odometer reading somewhere just above 65,000 miles.  

Since this past week was all about classic autos around here I pulled The Land Ship out and we went for a long ride.  Our destination?  The body shop around the corner for an estimate on a cosmetic makeover.  The Land Ship needs new paint and a new vinyl roof.  

The estimate?  If its a perfect show car quality finish that we're looking for the price given it somewhere around $7000.  In the same breath I was told to shop around or just go to one of those quick paint places.

What to do, what to do?

I'm going to keep shopping around.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Future Yarn Room

I want this room to be mine - all mine.  There won't be enough room for me and all of my yarn, fabrics, sewing machines, notions, etc.  That doesn't matter.  I still call dibs on this one.

This is the room that's right inside from the laundry room in the back of the house.  The view is awesome and people can't wave at me as they go by since the won't see me sitting at my window.  The front of the house has windows on three walls which gives us that fishbowl atmosphere.  People drive and walk by and can see right inside which drives me nuts.  They wave at me and turn their heads so far that I wonder if they will hurt themselves.

Painting the walls is also something that's been on my mind.  This wood is a hundred years old - not really, but close.  No one is really sure when this house was built but it was somewhere in the early 60s.  Originally, it was a kit home and the interior walls are installed using tracks.  I can tell where they've been moved over the years which makes me wonder what's under all that carpet.

If I could start selling lots of socks and sweaters I could live up here.  Eventually, as the hand knits sell and go to other people's houses I'd have room for all of my worldly crafty possessions in that closet.

Right.  That means I'd have to stop buying more yarn, wouldn't it?  Ahahahahahahaha!  ;-)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Check it out! 
 I made a pair of socks!

So what, you say.  I always make socks.  Notice those are on MY feet.
This is the first pair of socks that I've made for myself in a really long time.  This yarn was purchased from a yarn dyer over in the western side of the Mitten for myself last year for my birthday.  I bought it myself for myself.  Imagine that.  They are wonderful.  I washed them yesterday and they're still wonderful.

It's hot here in SE MI today.  A Lavender festival is going on, the Tall Ships are here, classic cars are cruising and Hydroplanes are racing.  I'll stay home and knit.  

I've worked out my first wholesale baby sock order with a shop in Wisconsin.  I'm interested in how this could work out.  Yesterday I finished the first pair but could have been done with two pairs if I hadn't messed up twice.  Sometimes my brain goes on vacation when it shouldn't.  They're just little socks and I couldn't get it right.

Housework needs doing.  The only thing I think I'm going to worry about is the spider webs on the logs over the jacuzzi.  During the week I'll hit a room per day and it should be all good for next weekend when I won't be doing housework.  

Sourdough bread baking is in the works for today.  I left my Starter out on the counter all week during the heat when it should have been in the refrigerator.  Got a little ripe.  So, it's getting ready and right after I finally take my shower I'll get started.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

As anyone who stops by here knows, I knit socks.  
Sure sounds like a confession, doesn't it?  

Those of us on the Etsy Knitters Team have devised a plan to promote each other to get more interest in our work and our shops. 
Here is a link to my first interview:  

I will choose another knitter on our team and send them interview questions and will share the answers here on my blog.  

What's coming next?  I've got hand warmers on the way.  They are perfect for air-conditioned offices and also come in handy on cool summer nights when you're sitting on your porch enjoying summer evenings.  

I've got some yarns dyed and more to be dyed so that I can create some one-of-a-kind multi-color, multi-texture sweaters and accessories.  My favorite pastime in the summer is to wind 50-yard skeins of different yarns, dye them in different colors and put them all together.

Need a sweater for your American Girl Doll or any equivalent 18" doll?  I have re-listed the clothing sets and will be knitting more.

Oh yeah - what's a "mufti"?  Spell check wanted me to change "multi" to "mufti".  ;-)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Really Big Frog

This really big frog was sitting down in our egress window looking like he wanted to go in the basement.  So, since it's not good for frogs to hang out in basements, I took him out to the pond.  That's probably where he started out before the storms hit.  
He's much prettier than he looks here.  As I was carrying him to the pond he was sparkling in the sun like he's pixelated.

What else is going on?

I'm still working.  Still haven't found a way to retire.  Any suggestions?

Monday, May 06, 2013

Trying Something Different

Since spring 2013 finally arrived, I thought I'd branch out and try something different.  At first, the thumb was intimidating.  I got it.  It's not so hard after all.  So now, there's going to be wrist warmers on my Etsy site real soon.  
I entered to win yarn for life here at Love of Knitting.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Whenever I wonder why it takes so long for me to finish a sweater I realize that it could be the internet.  Today I could have had this sweater finished and start putting it together.  Actually, it could have been finished last weekend now that I think about it.  What's with that?  I get so many e-mails and most aren't even from real people.

Most of them are taunting me to buy yarn, cameras, clothes, and take surveys.  Most of them could be stopped with a simple "unsubscribe".  Sigh....

It's been a wet week here in SE MI.  Our woods are still under water and the driveway was real close to the same condition as the woods.  

Excitement - I joined Costco yesterday.  Sadly, I can't remember the PIN for my debit card so I couldn't go shopping yet.  I'm in the mood for lots of their vegetables and most likely, some other tasty foods as well.  Behavior and control will be in order.  I promise.  Those Krusteaz products were one of the main reasons for joining along with the bags of frozen mixed vegetables that make great pasta salads for the summer.  


Ever hear of it?  I'm using their site now instead of the one that starts with a W.  The W hasn't been working for me since they changed to the points program years ago. is teaching me what I'm not getting nutritionally and there's no "fluff".  The whole site seems to be more geared to the health aspects of healthy eating and how to control food-related issues and conditions.  So far, since I started using their site last week I've managed to lose a pound.  

One pound you say?  That's all?

That's big for me.  Yes, I know I'm not considered overweight, however, I am hovering on the edge of being considered overweight for my age and height.  Since weight has always been a challenge for me since infancy, this is serious for me.  It's not an obsession - it's a real health concern.  If I don't track what I consume, it all sticks to me and the pounds just come right to me.  Sometimes I think that the pounds that other people lose are found by me.  Snack foods, fast foods, sugary treats, high fat foods have never been part of my regime.  Just eating the "right" foods can cause weight gain for me.  In the past 2 months I have gained 5 lbs. using the W site.  I've gained weight on atkins.  Again,  sigh.....

It snowed here today.  That's all I have to say about that.  

Friday, April 05, 2013

Didn't I have a photo of a yellow tulip already this week?  I think so.  
They are so photo-inspiring.  My photographic inspiration has been lacking lately and it could very well be the fault of another committment to a flickr 365 project.  I'm only 4 days behind so far.  Good thing they allow two photos per day so I can catch up.


This afternoon a package from arrived on my porch.  Sadly, I'm not the first one home these days so I was busted.  Other packages that arrived in the past few days were a pair of Teva sandals, a pair of Lee jeans, 10 pounds of King Arthur Flour flour (lol), yarn, socks yarn, two vintage pingouin knitting books, and something else that I can't remember.  No cameras or accessories this week.  There is a bid out there on eBay, though, that hasn't ended yet.  There could be hope on that one.  


It's finally here.  I waited all week for this day.  There's been some excitement around here.  A big fire on Harsen's Island yesterday.  I took photos of the smoke.  Today there's a manhunt going on for a man who abused his girlfriend.  Again, I have photos to go along with that story.  Yep, taking photos while driving.  I don't talk on my phone or text.  I do take photos with my Canon AS4000 IS.  

Now - to my comfy chair for some knitting!  I am just so anxious to make a new sweater.  I'd have a new sweater if I'd just put one of the previously knitted sweaters together.  Darn it all.  

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Yes, this is a site about knitting socks.  Spring has officially arrived so that's what is on everyone's mind around here.  maybe not everyone's.  surely that's what's on mine.

there have been some socks finished in the past few weeks.  most of them are tiny socks perfect for tiny feet.  several haven't been listed yet since i'm just so far behind.  we are exiting sock-season, though.  most people haven't figured out yet that any time of year is good for hand knit socks since they breathe so much better than those tight-knit cotton blend socks that we're accustomed to.

that's a tulip up there.  i'm sure you knew that already.  my mom gives the three of us girls a pot of tulips each year.  it's odd that they're always yellow.  maybe there's a reason and i'm not catching on.

a week ago i was assigned to take a class provided by our company.  the meeting location was at detroit metro airport.  on my way there i passed right by the cemetery where my dad's ashes were buried as well as the graves of my grandma and grandpa knoph and an aunt and uncle that i had never met.  the aunt died in infancy and the uncle was killed in his childhood when he was thrown from a horse.  now, my mom is the last of her immediate family.  in december geralee turned 80 so we're thinking there may be hope for the rest of us.  my father, ronald, didn't make it past the age of 56.  two of his brothers died at young ages as well.  one was 52 and the other 62, both passing before my dad.  

this brings me to my dilemma.  life.  is there enough of mine left to retire from or quit my day job and do something that i have dreamed of doing my entire life - as far back as i can remember anyway.  as an elementary school student i already knew i had to do something in the art field.  photography, architecture, painting, knitting, or sewing were some of my ideas.  then printmaking came along and there were thoughts of working in the advertising field.  there was a job at a local newspaper but i never made it out of the classifieds.  after years of waiting to finish school wayne state university was calling to me once again.  

can i knit socks, sweaters, and an assortment of other accessories and successfully earn money?  I know i can since i've already sold quite a few items over the past hundred years minus a few.  ha!  there are more avenues of self-promotion that i want to try.  time - i need more of it.

speaking of time.  i really need to get back to my knitting.  there are ideas in my head that need to be released in the form of sweaters.  

happy spring!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There is so much yarn in the world that I can't take it anymore!

Really, I am being truthful.  Every day I get e-mails telling me there's yarn available, discounts to be had, free shipping, clearance prices, and more!

What is a knitter to do?

Buy more yarn!

That brings me to yet another problem.  Where will the time come from that will be needed to knit with all of this yarn?  

Someone once suggested that Wills should be written so that these yarns go to a safe place if one outlives their stash.  The anguish begins when it is discovered that one's family does not have another yarn addict within the immediate circle.  

There is still time to convince a daughter or two that they just might want to learn this wonderful art since it did help me through many trying times over the years in my lifetime.

No matter how many people come and go, how many people hurt your feelings, how many people think you are not worthy, the yarn is always there. 

Yarn does not criticize.
Yarn does not cheat on you.
Yarn does not scream, hit, insult.
Yarn does not abandon you.
Yarn does not tell you that you're delusional.
Yarn does not tell you that you will never amount to anything.

Yarn will drive you nuts with all those wonderful colors and textures.  All the sock yarns to keep your feet warm.  All those sweater yarns to keep you cuddly warm or looking fashionably awesome.  

The yarn in the photo above helps women in other lands earn a living.  This one came from Nepal and was purchased through Darn Good Yarns.  It's even more wonderful in person.

Oh.  Heavy sigh.......  

There's more yarn arriving in the next two days - darn eBay........

Saturday, March 09, 2013

There's another camera in my collection this week.  Once again, no one outbid me on eBay.  There were actually two winning camera bids this past week, but, that photo will come later.
With all the cameras that I've got around here I need to gather them all up, take inventory photos, and document them.  My insurance company may actually consider them to be collectible - some of them anyway.

Over the past few weeks I've been thinking that there needs to be more time to do everything.  Since I hit the ripe old age of 55 I'm thinking that there may only be just over 20 years left.  My mom reached 80 in December and is still going strong.  My dream is to not have to get up every morning at 4:30 a.m. and head off to an auto plant.  My knitting is nagging me daily.  My Etsy shop is just a small part of what could be done with all this yarn that's accumulating here around me.

That brings me to another problem.  Yarn.  I want all of it.  Last Sunday we went to Mary Maxim and I bought 5 skeins of yarn.  This morning I took a chance and bid on three different yarns.  Darn it all if I didn't win all three of the auctions.  They were all good deals and the winning price, even including shipping, is still lower than buying retail after driving to a location that even sells yarn.  There aren't many near me.

Sourdough bread is driving me nuts.  Have you ever tried making sourdough bread?  If so, got any helpful hints?  On Monday I baked two loaves and messed up before they were even in the oven.  I didn't follow the directions properly and had the raising all backwards.  My final product was two loaves of brick-like bread.  The flavor was good but they sure were hard to cut with my bread knife.  A small chain saw would have been a better idea.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to make sourdough waffles and later in the day I'm going to attempt two more loaves of bread.  One of the books that I've been reading said that one must be able to master the art of regular yeast breads before moving on to sourdough bread.  One author even said wrote that it became an obsession for her until she got it right.  I am beginning to understand that.  

On another front - sock knitting is going well.  The little tiny socks have been piling up and have been listed on Etsy a few days apart so that I have constant new listings.  I'm working on two pairs of socks for a knittalk friend.  One of the yarns gave me trouble but the finished socks are awesome.  The 2nd pair is becoming a challenge due to the yardage of the skein not being the usual length but the weight is over the usual 100 grams.  I was just knitting along thinking that a 6 1/2" cuff would be fine.  Nope.  So, I now need to unknit or 'tink' the first sock to have enough yarn for sock #2.  If this pair was for myself I could imagine that they would end up pushed aside and another project would be in the works.  But, the incentive is that they are not for me, which is an excellent way of keeping oneself from straying from ufo to ufo.  


Spring is on it's way!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a week it was.  It all started on Sunday as weeks always do.  Sunday wasn't too bad, if I remember correctly.  At the moment, it's Saturday and I really can't remember what I did last Sunday.
Monday I was scheduled for a 3:15 p.m. dentist appointment to fix two old fillings that were beyond their expected lifespan.  During the day at work, right after lunch, I was walking through the plant and my tongue hit the side of the upper molar and I just about jumped up to the ceiling.  Sometime during my peanut butter and honey sandwich my tooth had cracked in half.
Whoa, did that hurt.
So, the dentist told me he couldn't do anything for that tooth and they set me up with an endodontist appointment for Tuesday morning.
Tuesday rolls around and I receive a call that my appointment is actually in the afternoon.  Oh, the agony goes on.
When I get to the endodontist all the forms get filled out and they call me in.  They take one of those digital x-rays that shows everything and show it on a big screen.  Oh yeah, there's a crack alright.
They can't help me, so,they call the oral surgeon across the street and off I go.
Now, I find someone who can help me.  I've never had a tooth pulled before without being knocked out.  They sure do yank and pull a lot.  
Now, I have a big hole where the molar once was.

Steve's birthday was the following day.  That's where those glasses of water up there come in.  Do you know how hard it is to go to a restaurant the day after a tooth extraction?  Not so easy.

Valentine's day comes next - same thing - a day of yogurt and mushy stuff.

Friday - out for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant.  Oh, the torment.

What to do next?  Implant or bridge, or absolutely nothing?  More to come.
Follow-up appointment a week away.  The other filling will be replaced as well so I don't encounter this fun again.

Black and White Baby Socks by SusansKnittingSocks on Etsy

Black and White Baby Socks by SusansKnittingSocks on Etsy:

'via Blog this'

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Yes, I am still around!

Every day I think about posting here and it didn't occur to me that it's been almost two months since I've been here.  
What is with that?
Socks are being knitted.  Lots of socks.  The pair featured above is currently for sale on my Etsy site and can be viewed by clicking one of the photos over there on the right.
Tiny socks are my current endeavor.  After receiving questions asking if there will be tiny socks on my site it was time to get some going.  They're a great way to use those odd balls from the big socks and there are those eBay sellers who love getting rid of theirs.

In other News.  Heavy sigh.....
My truck is back in the body shop once again.  After getting the front end repaired and having a few good months with no "adventures" I was rear-ended on my way home from work a couple weeks ago.  No one was hurt except the vehicles.  So, I had a Dodge Caravan for a week then turned that back in when my old TJ was home after a check up and getting the rims replaced.  The old steel rims just were getting too leaky.

Work front.  
That's it.

Buy socks!  Help me give up my day job!

Ah - my campaign slogan - Susan's Knitting Socks to leave the day job - or something like that.  

It's a thought.......

Saturday, December 15, 2012

16 More Knitting Days in 2012

 I haven't been here to blog around lately since I've been busy knitting.  That's what I should be doing right now, too.  Really, I have been knitting all day on and off.  It's the Custom Order before Christmas syndrome.  I'm slowing down.  After I finish the pair I'm working on right now, there's 3 more socks to knit and it's back to normal.  

 Three socks you say?  That's right.  A customer is creating something using little socks so she only needed three.  After I knitted the first three she requested three more - aha!  Now, it's 3 pairs of socks.  Just waiting for the ball of yarn to arrive from Annie's.  There was a pattern that I wanted and prefer the heavy-stock paper versions instead of having to print it out myself.  

The three pairs of socks above are also custom orders.  I have actually knitted more than those as one customer ordered a pair in the black and the white.  I have an additional pair of white still for sale on my Etsy site.  

Going forward in 2013 I'm promising myself to take better care of my Etsy finances.  One should not instantly spend every penny that comes in through PayPal or Direct Pay.  Today, I discovered that the Etsy option to print postage labels works real well.  Not only that, I was only .10 off in my estimate on a package travelling to Canada.  I'm getting better with this.

In my early years I was paying more for the shipping than my customers were.  The additional costs weren't rolled into my items, either.  I don't like that when it's done to me, so I don't do it to others.  ;-)

My pricing formula is going to change as well.  I'm going to keep track of the starting weight of the yarn, calculate the per gram price, knit the socks, and calculate price then mark the price up afterwards.  Several pairs of socks have put me in the red as I didn't buy the yarn on eBay or get a special price.

Back to my knitting!  

Happy Saturday and don't stress over those holidays!  They do come around at the same time every year so we shouldn't be surprised.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hunting Season

Endangered Species

Not really.  Not these critters.

They know where to hide to avoid being future dinners.  Yep, right up with the cabins running through the trees, chewing up the landscape, knocking over fences and chasing small pets.

They've eaten all the acorns from the ground under our trees.  The deer ate just about every plant that surrounded the cabin, except the ones inside the fence.  The last two trips we made we found the fence knocked over.  Maybe we need to hang Caution tape so they'll see it when they're running.

Monday, November 19, 2012

That's a ball of yarn

Go Lions!

My birthday present

Here I am with another new toy to cut into my knitting time.  Nope.  I think it's going to help me out and make me more mobile. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

You know how it is when you go on a trip somewhere and you feel that you need to take your knitting?  Every time we go up north to our recently purchased cabin I have that feeling.  Most of the time I take something that's already in progress and a back-up in case I finish that one.

This last time I decided that we needed an afghan up there.  I don't have one down here so why need one up there?  I bought this yarn a couple years ago - no, way longer than that since I think I stopped there at this little shop when I went to pick up our marriage license after it was signed by the Justice of the Peace and sent back to our county offices.

Steve and I were married October 16, 2005.  

This yarn's been around a while.  Seems like just yesterday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It happened one morning on my way to work.  Now, I didn't want to go to work so, had I followed my first thoughts I wouldn't have had a collision.  My F250 SuperDuty is really in bad shape now.

Tuesday, October 9th, I was heading out.  I was off on the 8th and had really enjoyed a 3-day weekend.  I left home at 5:40 as usual.  Drove the 1 1/2 miles of gravel road to reach Marine City Highway.  Pulled out, drove about 1 mile, got up to 60 mph and BAM!  Got me a buck.

I didn't want a buck.  Not this kind of buck.  Venison isn't one of my favorite foods and hunting isn't one of my usual hobbies.  Using a SuperDuty isn't recommended, either.  

From what I understand, only the engine is still in the original space.  Everything else was either squished, busted, or simply relocated.  Now, the waiting game.  How much?  The $500 deductible is my responsibility. 

We will see.

I told the body shop man that I want my Blue Oval.  That was pretty much where the grille made contact with the broad side of the buck.  Mr. Buck was in mid-leap when I got him.  Lucky for the car going in the opposite direction he didn't get it since his car was way smaller.  

So, I did get another day off.  Drove Steve to the airport then home for the rest of the day.